Bio-Entrepreneur 2015

Bio-Entrepreneur 2015

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BioEntrepreneur Forum 2015: Belgium meets Paris Region.

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The future will be digital and biology but who will lead? Google? Watson? alone or MDs, Physiologists, Biologists educating and mastering them!

Innovative collaborations for cost effective novel therapies and prevention solutions combining diagnostics, therapies, connected devices and IT technologies.

A unique opportunity to discover Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia gold nuggets and the secrets of their collaborative successes.

Belgium and France are more than just neighbours. They are essential partners in the life sciences economy of the future!

Driven by the success of the previous edition, with more than one hundred attendees, Belgium and Paris have decided to organise a second BioEntrepreneur Forum on January 29th, 2015 in Paris., FlandersBio and BioWin, three life sciences clusters in Belgium, joined forces with the think-tank Centrale-Santé and the Chamber of commerce and industry Paris Ile-de-France, member of the Enterprise Europe Network, to give you the access keys to enter new multidisciplinary markets. BioEntrepreneur Forum 2015 - organised in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network - will be a unique opportunity to network crossborderly and initiate new perspectives for future partnerships.

The day will be divided in two sessions. The morning session will be dedicated to company presentations and roundtables highlighting opportunities of multidisciplinary collaborations (e.g. combining diagnostics, therapies, medical devices and IT technologies) next to incentives for crossborder interactions. In the afternoon, pre-arranged B2B meetings will take place thanks to the support of Enterprise Europe Network, and namely its branches in Paris and Belgium. These bilateral meetings will be pre-arranged according to your selection and requests.

The main purpose of the event is to boost scientific, technologic and business interactions between France and Belgium, between SMEs and big pharma, and to present the opportunities of both markets.

Focus of the conference

  • Life Sciences R&D activities and business environment in Belgium and France.
  • New market opportunities in the life sciences of the future.
  • Collaborations and synergies between the two countries.
  • Main characteristics of and new ways to access the Belgian and French markets.

 Your reason to participate

  • A unique networking opportunity for cross-border contacts with Belgian and French business players in your sector.
  • To initiate and develop your business, R&D and technical activities.

Costs: Free of charge but registration is mandatory
Confirmation of registration/participation: Participation, subject to availability and confirmation by the organizers.


09:00 am - 
09:30 am

What are the major trends of our industry?

What are the new limits of our industry?

Why do we need novel therapies and prevention solutions combining diagnostics, therapies, connected devices and IT technologies?
Manuel Gea, President of Centrale Santé, co-founder & CEO Bio-Modeling Systems. The Mechanisms-Based Medicine Company

09:30 am - 
10:45 am

Belgium :

Presentation of the Belgium environment and the specificities of its three regions: Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. Novel strategies and programs.
Collaborations: how does it work? The contributions of the state, the regions and the clusters.
Case studies of companies collaborating to propose cost effective global solutions.

  • Presentation by a national player : ESSENSCIA, Cathy Plasman, general manager - "Life sciences in Belgium: market trends, opportunities and challenges"  
  • 6 companies explaining their collaborative strategies and their key understandings
  • APPLIED MATHS, Bruno Pot, director of business development
  • DNALYTICS, Thibault Helleputte, CEO : "Diagnostic model design from heterogeneous data sources"
  • CLINICOBRU, Florence Bosco, general manager : “New collaboration model within the medical community to improve patient access to clinical trials”  
  • ESPERITY, Erard le Beau de Hemricourt, CMO & founder : “Multilingual patient navigation platform to help healthcare actors to involve more cancer patients into clinical trials
  • IBA, Damien Bertrand, strategic partnerships coordinator : "IT in cancer care – strategies for equipment and patient data management"
  • ONTOFORCE, Hans Constandt, managing director : “Linked Open Data Showcase in Life Sciences & HealthCare” 
  • 1 representative of the pharma industry (TBC)

Moderator: Manuel Gea, President of Centrale Santé.

11:15 am - 
12:00 pm

France :

Presentation of French environment and the specificities of its national and regional levels.
Novel strategies and programs.
Collaborations: how does it work? The contributions of the state, the regions and the clusters.
Case studies of companies collaborating to propose cost effective global solutions.

  • AGENCE REGIONALE DE SANTE Ile-de-France : "Politique régionale d'innovation dans le domaine de la santé", Guillaume Galiay, Direction de la Stratégie - Responsable du département synthèse et prospective.
  • "Collaboration of the three Paris region clusters" CAP DIGITAL, MEDICEN PARIS REGION, SYSTEMATIC, Jean-Marc Bourez, Président de la Commission TIC & Santé Paris Région - Membre du conseil d'administration du CNR Santé - Direction stratégie, développement, innovation, business excellence Sanofi France
  • SORIN GROUP, Renzo Dal Molin, Research Director : "innovative partnerships with a key player"

Moderator: Manuel Gea, President of Centrale Santé.

12:00 pm - 
12:45 pm

Why France and Belgium need to reinforce their collaborations panel

How to reinforce collaborations between French and Belgium companies.
News from collaborations initiated during the previous conference.
Tools that may foster partnerships between French and Belgian companies. What could be done (EU, H2020, Interclusters collaborations, etc…)
3 Belgium clusters: Biowin, Fédéric Druck - Flanders Bio, Henk Joos -, Azèle Mathieu 

1 success story from the last edition of the Forum Bio-entrepreneur: PHYSIP, Marie Brandewinder and eClinica,Vincent Wautelet 

1 representative of Enterprise Europe Network: Paris Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Isabelle POTTIER

Moderator: Manuel Gea, President of Centrale Santé.


Closing session : Gilles Dabezies, Directeur général adjoint en charge des actions internationales et européennes,Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de région Paris Île-de-France

1:00 pm - 
2:15 pm 

Buffet lunch Offred by BioWin, FlandersBio and

2:15 pm – 
6:00 pm

 B2B meetings fostered by Enterprise Europe Network



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